October 2015


Papucei & Mat Fashion: Insights into these bold brands

At idaretobe, we’re known for our commitment to providing clothing for all women, especially those who want something personalised to themselves. In this blog, we will be focusing on two brands that we feel encapsulate what we want to provide perfectly; Mat Fashion and Papucei. Read on for further insights into these brands, otherwise visit their pages and see what they have to offer! Mat Fashion If you want to welcome the ‘rock-chic’ style into your look, then Mat Fashion are what you need. Equipped with a range of metal-inspired... Read More


Brand glimpse: A look at Yiannis Karitsiotis

If you are looking for a designer that offers something to wear for all occasions, whether you’re going to work or to a party, then Yiannis Karitsiotis is definitely for you. This month at idaretobe, we’re focusing on the wonderful brand that is Yiannis Karitsiotis and highlighting the reasons why their designs are of such a high-quality. Firstly, we’ll start with a bit of background from the designer. Designer Yiannis Karitsiotis began his journey into fashion at the Bradford Art College in England. Greece-born, Karitsiotis studied Fashion Textile Design while... Read More