May 2016


Accessorise This Summer with idaretobe

After what seemed like a never-ending winter, finally summer is just around the corner. Warmer, longer days and a generally brighter atmosphere often gets us thinking about our wardrobes – after all, there’s nothing like a new season to make us want to refresh our looks! One perfect way to add something new to your look is with accessories. Accessories are a great way to finish off any outfit, acting as a stylish finishing touch and really pulling your look together.   Here at idaretobe we’re happy to stock a... Read More


Trippen at idaretobe – a match made in heaven

Now if I was to describe a shoe brand as environmentally and socially responsible and making the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn, you’d probably be imagining a shoe that was somewhat lacking in style. But if I was to tell you that this same brand is renowned for their highly creative and avant-garde design, well some of you may have guessed that I can only be talking about Trippen. Yes, fanfare and drum roll please!!! We are hugely excited to announce that we are now a Trippen stockist and... Read More


Tips for embracing your personal style

These days, we’re seeing more and more people break away from the typical mainstream fashion that they know and turn to something more unique; personal style. This is all about finding the clothes that you feel comfortable and great in, allowing your individuality and personality to shine through, while also standing out from the crowd. Here at idaretobe we are advocates of personal style and encourage all of our customers to find what works for them. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks to owning your own style. Create... Read More


Privatsachen: Slow Fashion and Ageless Style

Today’s chat in the office on the Slow Food movement (we do talk about food quite a lot!) inevitably moved on to the Slow Fashion movement. The concept of carefully choosing beautiful, quality pieces and creating your own unique style rather than blindly following the latest trends, well that pretty much describes our ethos. Values we share with Connyie Rethmann, the designer behind Privatsachen, a brand with a special place in our hearts. Beautiful natural fabrics (think pure silk and organic cotton), gorgeous soft colours dyed in small batches, timeless... Read More


Brand in Focus: Xenia Design

In today’s blog, we’re going to focus one possibly one of our favourite designers that we stock here at idaretobe, Xenia Design. Delivering quality designs time and time again, they have a long and rich history. The Beginning After graduating from the University of Textile Technology in Zagreb in 1984, fashion designer Ksenija Vrbanic opened up her first studio. Situated in her hometown of Cakovec, the studio created innovative ideas and soon cultivated the brand we know and love today, Xenia Design, in 1986. Back then, the textile industry was... Read More