What Is Lagenlook?

Lagenlook translated into English simply means "layering look".

When I first started to sell European designer clothing it included the brands Rundholz, Hebbeding, Zuza Bart, Oska, Sarah Pacini,Privatsachen and many others. I was often asked what style of clothing this was. Lagenlook is a term I started to use as the clothing I sold was usually worn layered & predominantly from Europe.

This is not to say that Germany first introduced layering clothing, indeed many creative women worldwide including mainstream designers have layered their clothing for centuries. In fact I guess we all create lagenlook everyday in our own way from the moment we start to get dressed.

However this terminology started to snowball and take off and today there are many sellers who use this word to describe the clothing they sell.

Layering your clothing can be a way of disguising imperfections and creating your very own unique style of dressing. Indeed over the years I have used high street, second hand, vintage and exclusive designer clothing to express my own unique dare to be individual style. I do, however, have a real passion for quirky unusual shapes in clothing and Europe (including Paris, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Germany) tends to be predominant in the manufacture of such clothing.

That's not to say we forget the rest of the world, indeed there are some FANTABULOUS designers like Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto,Rick Owens, Annette Gortz and far too many more to mention whose style is funky, quirky and lends itself to the phenomenon which is now called "lagenlook" style.

This leads me to my own interpretation of the word lagenlook which I so casually bandied about. STYLE is my passion, the art of making any lady of any age and size look and feel wonderful in their clothing creating layers which capture the beauty of the shape of the body. We are all very different shapes and sizes, the basic terminology includes pear shaped, apple shaped etc.

Knowing which type of layers work best with which body shape takes experience and believe me I have manufactured some terrible mistakes on myself over the years! After many, many years of both wearing and dressing ladies in this style of clothing and being a voluptuous pear shape myself we offer you honest, sound advise on any purchase you may choose to consider. Creating and co-ordinating a wardrobe of layered clothing which interacts with your lifestyle yet retains your unique dare to be individual look is where my interpretation of using the term "lagenlook" originates.

I do hope you have found this information informative. We pride ourselves at idaretobe on offering you great customer service so please dont hesitate to contact us if you need any help.