Achieving the perfect Lagenlook style

Whether you’re exploring Lagenlook for the first time or are experienced in the style we can provide help and guidance along the way. At idaretobe we’re advocates of the Lagenlook style, which simply means a layered look. Using the many labels we work with, we are able to provide our customers with a collection that is perfect for layering, such as Rundholz and Xenia Design.

Start with a good foundation

All great Lagenlook styles have to have a foundation to begin with, otherwise there is no structure to the outfit. A good foundation could include things such as a singlet top and a pair of  leggings or petticoat. Whatever your choice, it needs to be apparent within your overall outfit in order to contribute something to the look.  Experiment with combining different textures in fabrics or varying shades of colour.

Build it piece by piece

Lagenlook is all about flowing layers.  There aren’t many rules to it, as it’s used as a way to express yourself through your outfits, but be sure to build your layers carefully taking into consideration your proportions height, body shape etc.

Be unique!

One of the most important things to remember about Lagenlook is that it is a unique way to add something personal to what you wear, to be confident and express your individuality, there’s no need to follow any fashion rules or trends. Of course, you can take inspiration from areas, but it is the perfect way to let your inner artist shine through.

Here at idaretobe we offer a stunningly large collection of unique clothing from some of the world’s greatest labels. Discover more of our wonderful collection and explore our free delivery options.

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