Fan Feature

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The Christmas Do at idaretobe

A really fab night was had by some of the team last night for our Christmas bash. Fortunately, we are located very close to Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire where Megan stayed pre-wedding to Harry and if it’s good enough for Megan then it’s good enough for the idaretobe team 🙂 The food was amazing and the surroundings absolutely fabulous. We took the opportunity to take some pics. which we hope you enjoy seeing. Coincidentally it turned out we all wore Xenia Design (apart from Trevor of course) and I hope... Read More

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Spotlight on Antoni & Alison

Under-the-radar labels or cult fashion brands usually equate to new designers, however, designer duo Antoni & Alison defy standard fashion rules. For the past 25 years, without a paparazzi celebrity following, major self-promotion, PR stunts or endless mass-market collaborations, they’ve truly held onto their cult status and that exactly how they like it. Indeed the pair have a worldwide following including the Victoria & Albert museum who has deemed the MBE-awarded duo’s back catalogue significant enough to meticulously archive the lot – from random sketches through to final garments. idaretobe... Read More


Our favourite day or night dress

A sleeveless silk version of this dress was first introduced to us by the wonderful Hebbeding. Followed on by Boris who created the dress in  jersey it proved extremely popular with all idaretobe customers. Request galore came in for a coloured version with sleeves and not to disappoint our wonderful customers we spent many weeks sourcing a high quality mid weight jersey worthy of our name, not an easy feat I tell you. After months of sampling tweaking, twirling about in the dress all the girls agreed we were happy... Read More



It`s always so wonderful to hear from our customers and even better when they send photographs of themselves in our clothing. Florence is a long standing customer of idaretobe and I hope she doesn’t mind me telling you 73 years young, looks fantastic hey! The recent photographs below show FF (my term of endearment for her and my address to her in all emails lol) on her recent summer holiday wearing a selection of outfits purchased from our online boutique idaretobe and I have to say doesn’t she look FANTABULOUS!... Read More