Brand glimpse: A look at Yiannis Karitsiotis

If you are looking for a designer that offers something to wear for all occasions, whether you’re going to work or to a party, then Yiannis Karitsiotis is definitely for you. This month at idaretobe, we’re focusing on the wonderful brand that is Yiannis Karitsiotis and highlighting the reasons why their designs are of such a high-quality. Firstly, we’ll start with a bit of background from the designer.

Designer Yiannis Karitsiotis began his journey into fashion at the Bradford Art College in England. Greece-born, Karitsiotis studied Fashion Textile Design while in England, which helped him develop the passion and skill he is now known for. Following college, he worked with a variety of brands from across the world, further developing his skills.

Designing for names such as Yiannis Tseklenis in Greece, J.C. Penny and NIKE in the USA, he finally began the adventure of creating his own label; the self-named Yiannis Karitsiotis. The first collections were released in 1991 and helped him gain traction within the industry, with the ‘Kathimerina’ easy wear collection coming to market 6 years later.

Today, Karitsiotis’ designs are well-known across the world for their uniqueness and individuality, one thing that we at idaretobe are extremely passionate about. We’re fortunate enough to have an exclusive range of Yiannis Karitsiotis on offer for our customers to purchase, and what’s best is that we offer worldwide shipping.

It’s free to the UK when you order above £99 and also no charge over £149 to the USA, Canada and Australia. Discover the AW15 collection of Yiannis Karitsiotis here with us today. Any questions about the brand or the service we offer, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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