Models or not

All my life I have been passionate about fashion and even though I have never worn “mainstream” clothing I still like to see the trends and colours designers are showing each season.
I`ve just read a great article about a new designer in one of the most popular fashion magazines in the world which drove me to go and have a look at the designs.
Beautiful clothing, luxurious fabric and all tall very thin models wearing the clothing, sigh……
Here at idaretobe, we prefer to wear most of the clothing ourselves, after all, we are all different shapes, height and sizes. None of the idaretobe team are professional models ( I think you can guess that ) we just range in height and size from a UK12/US8 up to a UK24/US20 and I think it’s great to see everyday people wearing our clothing.
I’d love to know what your thoughts are as a customer, does this help you decide in your choice of clothing?
From time to time our clients do send us photos of themselves wearing their purchases from idaretobe and we do love seeing them.
It would be wonderful if more of you did just that, we love the interaction and getting to know you helps us advise you better on sizing etc.
Don’t be shy ladies, send us your pics. we promise not to share them on the internet, that is of course unless you will allow us.
As an incentive to do so I am giving away a bottle of my favorite Rundholz September perfume (UK customers only) or for our overseas customers a Jianhui London Column & Faceted Beads 3-Strand Necklace.
email your pic. to by 15th December 2019 and I will choose my favourite as a winner and get a lovely present out to you before Christmas.

Warm regards,


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