Papucei & Mat Fashion: Insights into these bold brands

At idaretobe, we’re known for our commitment to providing clothing for all women, especially those who want something personalised to themselves. In this blog, we will be focusing on two brands that we feel encapsulate what we want to provide perfectly; Mat Fashion and Papucei. Read on for further insights into these brands, otherwise visit their pages and see what they have to offer!

Mat Fashion

If you want to welcome the ‘rock-chic’ style into your look, then Mat Fashion are what you need. Equipped with a range of metal-inspired design that entice and awaken the senses, you’ll quickly accept this brand into your heart as one of your favourites; we’re sure of it. At idaretobe we have a number of Mat Fashion products for you to purchase.

Mat Fashion’s aim is to create wonderful pieces for women of all shapes and sizes, releasing beautiful designs each season. Created by Marianthi and George Moneda in 1988 with the mission to set completely new standards in the women’s fashion industry, they’ve successfully gained a reputation as a company, accomplishing all of their goals. Now a leading brand, Mat Fashion produce clothes for women that help them feel sexy and feminine, disregarding the industry’s expectation of sizes.

With a creative team full of unique designs and ideas, Mat Fashion are able to come up with a range of concepts that to meet all needs, as well as the latest trends. Discover why they have fans all over the world and explore their collection today.


Papucei is the brand to choose when you need unusual yet fashionable accessories, such as shoes and bags. They excel in this area and can provide you with a host of individual wares to complete your outfit. From the Papucei Bordo Bowa Shoe to the Papueci Leather Wool Lucia Boot, you can find all of your footwear solutions with them.

For those of you who don’t know, ‘papucei’ in Romanian means ‘little shoes’, which tells you a bit more about the brand than you first may realise. At the core of the company, the focus is mainly on quality shoes, as ‘papucei’ is also a word that you would use for special shoes in Romanian, as well as one that represents the long-standing manufacturing area in the country. Find out more about their fantastic shoes by viewing the collection at idaretobe.

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