Privatsachen: Slow Fashion and Ageless Style

Today’s chat in the office on the Slow Food movement (we do talk about food quite a lot!) inevitably moved on to the Slow Fashion movement. The concept of carefully choosing beautiful, quality pieces and creating your own unique style rather than blindly following the latest trends, well that pretty much describes our ethos. Values we share with Connyie Rethmann, the designer behind Privatsachen, a brand with a special place in our hearts.

Beautiful natural fabrics (think pure silk and organic cotton), gorgeous soft colours dyed in small batches, timeless (and ageless) shapes … it’s the antithesis of fast fashion. This is clothing with soul. Connyie exudes such passion and love for what she does and you can feel it when you wear the clothes. At the core of Privatsachen’s heart is its environmentally and ethically sustainable production, giving it’s clothes an inner beauty.

One of the many things we love about Connyie is that she doesn’t call herself a fashion designer, she’s a clothes author. It’s such a fitting title when you think that these are pieces to wear and treasure for years to come. Add to your collection, take them and make them your own. Wear for special occasions or everyday. They become part of your story.

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