Spotlight on Antoni & Alison

Under-the-radar labels or cult fashion brands usually equate to new designers, however, designer duo Antoni & Alison defy standard fashion rules. For the past 25 years, without a paparazzi celebrity following, major self-promotion, PR stunts or endless mass-market collaborations, they’ve truly held onto their cult status and that exactly how they like it.

Indeed the pair have a worldwide following including the Victoria & Albert museum who has deemed the MBE-awarded duo’s back catalogue significant enough to meticulously archive the lot – from random sketches through to final garments.

idaretobe is delighted to showcase some of their designs including the signature Antoni & Alison silk-de-chine garments. In fact, it was this duo who first blazed the digital printing trail. Now their Trompe-l’œil results are so realistic, you can be easily fooled from a distance into thinking that the draped and bow-wrapped dress is genuinely draped and bow-wrapped. A true investment, each dress is signed by Antoni & Alison they are a dream to wear, a talking point, be prepared for many compliments and we are proud to have their works of art here at idaretobe.

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