Tips for embracing your personal style

These days, we’re seeing more and more people break away from the typical mainstream fashion that they know and turn to something more unique; personal style. This is all about finding the clothes that you feel comfortable and great in, allowing your individuality and personality to shine through, while also standing out from the crowd. Here at idaretobe we are advocates of personal style and encourage all of our customers to find what works for them. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks to owning your own style.

Create a trademark

While we think it is good to delve into styles and clothing that you would have never pictured yourself wearing, an ideal place to start building your personal style is to establish a trademark. What are you known for wearing and what do you feel comfortable in? Ask yourself these questions to find your unique look. You should also factor in your body shape to this, ensuring that your outfits embrace your natural beauty, as well as what colours work best on you.

Create a book of looks

Once you have a collection of clothing, start playing around with different outfits; the more unique, the better. Lie them out on the ground to see what goes with one another, and maybe even take pictures to remember. Mix and match every item you own as it could provide you with hundreds of potential options, even from only a few pieces.

Wear what makes you confident

Ultimately, personal style boils down to one thing; confidence. If you don’t feel confident in what you are wearing, it won’t show through your outfit. Stop comparing yourself to others and find what works best for you.

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