To buy or not to buy

I was chatting with one of my customers who recently bought a fabulous Rundholz dress.
Oh yes said she, I`m going to save this one for best! Please, I said, you can’t possibly do that…… whilst most of our clothing here at idaretobe is timeless, after spending a considerable sum on this beautiful dress you need to get as much as wear as possible from this piece.

Do you remember the days of saving clothes for best or Sunday best? Those days are long behind us, we are more concerned these days with sustainability and rightly so making it even more important that we get the most wear out of our clothing before replacing it.

Now whilst I am quite aware I do not follow the norm in terms of dress sense and do not hesitate in wearing what is perceived as an evening piece throughout the day, there are pieces of clothing which are suitable for both occasions and I did spend time with my client showing her various ways in which to wear her new Rundholz dress rather than “save it for best”
When investing in a quality piece of clothing which will, by the way, always feel more comfortable and wear better, then we have to factor in price per wear.

As an example, the moment I saw Antoni and Alison’s “Punk” dress at Paris Fashion Week I knew I had to have the dress for both myself and clients.
Now, this was a very considered purchase, it’s a very expensive dress. However after factoring in, it’s timeless, it`s a signed piece of art, its a unique print, it’s an easy shape, its beautiful silk crepe de chine and fully lined, I can wear it many ways, I decided yes. I have to say, I have worn that dress maybe 15 times so far, and received huge compliments every time.

I’ve worn it with chunky boots & leggings, platform shoes & my Rundholz petticoat, knotted one side, put a polo neck jumper and thick tights underneath, it’s gone to lunch at a pub at least twice, the theatre, out for dinner, shopping, and a visit to an art gallery. I plan to wear it to the idaretobe team Christmas Party and a New Years Eve bash.

In fact, this dress will in all probability end up being one of the best “price per wear” I have chosen.

Now whilst I appreciate not all of us can or want to spend this budget on a dress there are many pieces on the idaretobe website which are also very versatile, I have chosen some this week, suitable for day or evening and if you need any help with styling we are always happy to help here at idaretobe so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Have a great weekend, Jax x

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