Wedding Season with idaretobe

With summer upon us, so is wedding season. With most of us having a wedding (or three!) to attend this season, it can be stressful figuring out exactly what to wear. Here at idaretobe we believe fashion should be fun. Your clothing should give you confidence, a strong sense of self and leave you looking and feeling fantastic.


At a wedding, there is usually some kind of etiquette to consider. Generally, white is a no-go, and your outfit should be appropriate and respectful. Beyond this, you are free to get creative with your wedding outfit choices, and choose something that really expresses your personality and confidence. Here are some of our wedding favourites at idaretobe.



Yiannis Karitsiotis Printed Fine Pleat Occasion Dress

From the exclusive flash collection, this Yiannis Karitsiotis pleated occasion dress is just perfect for a special event. A stunning cream satin material with a multicolour floral and striped design, this dress drapes beautifully over the body for a striking and flattering result.







Okishi Dress with Oversized Flower Print

Black can be wedding suitable, providing it is done right. This Okishi dress hits the nail on the head perfectly. With its oversized floral print, this dress manages to combine a summer ready design with an air of sophisticated elegance – perfect for a wedding!







Boris Red-Black Block Stripe Dress

Nothing says summer quite like stripes, and this dress from Boris is the ideal way to work stripes into your wedding and occasionwear. With a bold black, white and red design, the pops of colour in this dress are sure to make an impression.







Annemieke Broenink Natural Poppy Rubber Necklace

Jewellery can create the perfect finishing touch to a formal outfit, really pulling your outfit together and adding something special. This Annemieke Broenink Poppy necklace is the ideal piece for a summer wedding. With its  flower design and soft gold and silver shades, this stunning necklace is a true work of art.






Papucei Aliona Sandal

Occasion footwear can be difficult – particularly for an event such as a wedding, you want footwear that won’t hurt you feet after a couple of hours. These wedged sandals from Papucei Aliona are the ideal solution. A wedge offers both height and comfort, and this edgy platform style adds a quirky and artistic flair to any outfit – perfect for showing your personality!






If you’re heading to a wedding this summer, be sure to check out our full collection of women’s evening and occasionwear.

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