Why we LOVE Nelly Johansson

It’s such fun on our idaretobe photo shoots and especially when our models fall in love with the clothes as invariably happens. It’s wonderful to see the reaction when we introduce a model to one of our favourite brands, although we usually end up a little lower on stock when she wants to take a piece or two home. This was certainly the case yesterday when our own gorgeous model Tallulah refused to take off the Nelly Johansson Adoria Print Sweatshirt declaring that she “LOVED” it as soon as she put it on! It reminded us just why we love Nelly Johansson so much. To put it simply the clothes just feel so amazing to wear. Or perhaps incredible is a better word, although even that doesn’t do them justice! Is it the urban, edgy look or the effortless style her pieces convey? Is it the cut or is it the luxurious fabrics that feel so wonderful against the skin? The thoughtful design and high end fabrics that turn her pieces in to luxury items? It’s all of these things of course but I also think it’s Nelly’s passion for design and quality that you can feel as soon as you slip into one of her pieces.  The innate style and confidence they imbue that just make us feel amazing when we wear them. Try for yourself and you’ll understand. That is if Tallulah hasn’t snaffled the lot!



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