Brand Focus


Trippen at idaretobe – a match made in heaven

Now if I was to describe a shoe brand as environmentally and socially responsible and making the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn, you’d probably be imagining a shoe that was somewhat lacking in style. But if I was to tell you that this same brand is renowned for their highly creative and avant-garde design, well some of you may have guessed that I can only be talking about Trippen. Yes, fanfare and drum roll please!!! We are hugely excited to announce that we are now a Trippen stockist and... Read More


Privatsachen: Slow Fashion and Ageless Style

Today’s chat in the office on the Slow Food movement (we do talk about food quite a lot!) inevitably moved on to the Slow Fashion movement. The concept of carefully choosing beautiful, quality pieces and creating your own unique style rather than blindly following the latest trends, well that pretty much describes our ethos. Values we share with Connyie Rethmann, the designer behind Privatsachen, a brand with a special place in our hearts. Beautiful natural fabrics (think pure silk and organic cotton), gorgeous soft colours dyed in small batches, timeless... Read More


Brand focus: LauRie

For the best quality clothing, LauRie is a favoured brand, which is why this month we’re focusing on them at idaretobe. Coming onto the scene in 1987, they have offered fine clothing for over 30 years and now have an exceptional name in the fashion industry. Most known for their trousers, the LauRie label offers many different styles and variants to suit each individual need: Slim: These trousers offer a tight fit, but not too tight, and are designed to follow the natural shape of the leg. Emphasises hourglass and... Read More


Brand Glance: A look at Join Clothes garments

At idaretobe, we are keen to give women with fuller figures an array of choices when it comes to fashion. This is because, simply put, size does not hinder style! Our collection of new arrivals features a range of clothing from plus size brand Join Clothes – let’s explore more about this brand…   Specialising in designing sleek, expertly tailored garments which exude classic styles with an innovative, futuristic twist, Join Clothes offers the plus size fashionista with options for both daywear and evening wear. At idaretobe, we simply love... Read More


A whistlestop tour: Some key designers for this season

    Alembika Designed by Hagar Alembik, the Alembika brand creates garments featuring strong silhouettes embellished with vibrant colours. Its ethos is to encourage women to embrace their body and to accept themselves just the way they are. The designs emanate this bold confidence and strive to illustrate the brand’s philosophy that clothing should be created to suit women’s bodies of all shapes and sizes, as opposed to women trying to make their bodies adapt to clothing and fashions.                        ... Read More